Friday, January 25, 2013

Deeanne Gist - Special Lunch Presentation

A little teaser about our lunch presentation featuring Deeanne Gist...

Bottoms Up: A Look at Victorian Women's Clothing from the Inside Out

Ever wonder what Victorian women wore under all those gowns? Bestselling historical author Deeanne Gist strips down to chemise and bloomers, then has her lady's maid dress her layer-by-layer.

This entertaining presentation has been featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal and in the Denver Post.  Their accompanying video ( was the most watched video on the Wall Street Journal's site for three days.

Comments from participants:

"One of the most informative workshops I've ever attended … myths are shattered." -- Anita Mae Draper, Inkwell Inspirations Blog

"FINALLY someone got it right!"

"I admire your scholarship, and your courage to appear in your underwear in the name of getting the details right."

"We can't all have a cute shape like Deeanne. Putting on or taking off, she has class."

"It was just what I needed [for my book]…The hoop in particular was a revelation."

"Thank you so much for your fun and informative workshop."

"What a goldmine of information.  Thank you for sharing your expertise!"

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