Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Lynne Kelly joins the 2014 MCBF Author List

Welcome Lynne Kelly to MCBF 2014

Lynne Kelly lives in Spring, Texas, where she works as a sign language interpreter and writes books for kids and teens. Her debut novel, CHAINED, was released in 2012 by Macmillan/Farrar, Straus, & Giroux.  

For more information, visit Lynne's Website at

Read Lynne's interview below:
Patty Campbell talks about the germ for a piece of writing being like the sand in the oyster.  What is your grain of sand?  Do you begin with character or setting or something else?
Plot is always last for me. For CHAINED, the idea came first, as a story about a captive elephant who escapes and returns home. Sometimes I have a character in my head for a while, and I have to figure out a story for them, and other times I think of a setting that would be cool and I come up with a character to put there.
Do you outline before you write or just dive in? 
I'm not much of an outliner; I prefer to just start writing and discover the story as I go. At some point though, like after a really messy first draft, I have to do some kind of plotting so I can figure out where the story needs to go.
In high school, where did you fall? (Prom Queen/King, Gamer Geek, Brainy/Book Nerd, Jock, Shy/Quiet Scholar, Skate Rat, Stoner, Class Clown, etc.) 
I was a good student, and pretty quiet around people I didn't know, but I'd turn into more of a class clown if I had friends in class with me.
Do you have a pet (pets)?  Tell us about it (them) and how they help/hinder your writing. 
Yes, I'd been pet-less for a few years but adopted a cocker spaniel, Holly, in March. I love having a dog next to me while I write. If she hinders my writing, it's because she loves to sleep in and snuggle.
It’s the dawn of the zombie apocalypse, what 3 things are a must to take with you when you flee your home for refuge from the undead hordes?? 
Other than the usual necessities (like water), I'd like to have a supply of Trader Joe's chocolate-covered almonds, a tree tent, and my iPhone, preferably with a zombie locator app.
Meet Lynne at the
on February 15th at Lone Star College - Montgomery. 

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