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Spicing up MCBF with Jennifer Bray-Weber

Welcome Jennifer Bray-Weber to MCBF 2014
Native Texan and raised in the Spring area, Jennifer Bray-Weber has always wished for real life to mimic adventuresome tales, especially those of the high seas. Holding degrees in Music and Video Business and Liberal Arts, she continued her higher education, until a professor challenged her to write a novel. Never one to back down from a dare, her passion led to award-winning pirate historical romances. Her next two books in the Romancing the Pirate series are scheduled to release early in 2014. Connect with Jennifer at
Read Jennifer's interview below:
At what age did you start writing? 
     37. Late Bloomer? You could say that. I was a career student racking up the college credits. During my fall semester in 2007, I impressed my creative writing professor with my short stories, albeit everything I wrote was grisly and ended in death. *shrug* One particular assignment, I went in a different direction. It was a romance and nobody died. *shrugs again* He enjoyed it so much, he suggested I write a novel. I took it as a dare and quit school. *shrugs once more*.
Patty Campbell talks about the germ for a piece of writing being like the
sand in the oyster.  What is your grain of sand?  Do you begin with character or setting or something else?
     For me, inspiration may come from a song lyric, a movie snap shot, or a random simple gesture. My mind creates a ‘what if’ scenario. From there springs a general setting and basic knowledge of a character or two. Getting from point A (the beginning of the story) to point B (the end) is as much a mystery to me as it is to the reader. It’s great fun!
Why do you write for Young Adults or Children or Adult (whichever is pertinent)?
     Despite the action and adventure of my books, I tend to write with a healthy portion of the dark side of humanity. It’s all doom and gloom. To balance out the macabre danger, I write romance. And not your granny’s romance, either. The spicy, steamy romance.
Who is your favorite character you have written or read about?
     I fell unequivocally in love with Captain Blade Tyburn of A Kiss in the Wind, the second book in my Romancing the Pirate series. He’s an infamous pirate libertine with devilish good looks, quick wit, and insatiable desire for women, no matter their shape or size. That is, until he meets his match in knife-wielding, pick-pocket Marisol.
     That said, I also just adore Darynda Jones’s Charley Davidson, the self-deprecating wise-cracking private investigator. Oh, and she’s the grim reaper, too.
What books or authors have most influenced your writing most?
     It would be unfair to narrow down the authors and books that I could say were influential to my career in some form or another. I have learned from many wonderful teachers, writers, and friends all across the publishing spectrum. However, I do aspire to have Sherrilyn Kenyon’s fandom, JK Rowling’s fortune, Stephen King’s esteem, and Anne Rice’s legacy.
It’s the dawn of the zombie apocalypse, what 3 things are a must to take with you when you flee your home for refuge from the undead hordes??
     Assuming I would have my family and supplies, I would want to take my fully charged iPod loaded with loud bass-thumping, guitar-screeching zombie-killing rock music, a modified shotgun with an attached buzz saw for mutilating attacking zombies, and Nutella, because I love it’s chocolaty hazelnut goodness.

Meet Jennifer at the
on Saturday, February 15th
at Lone Star College - Montgomery

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