Monday, November 26, 2012

An Interview with Sophie Jordan

Q: Why do you write for Young Adults or Children or Adult?

A: I write both young adult and adult fiction because I love to read in both genres - bottom line. I was a reader first, before I ever started to write. It was only natural for me to write in the areas that I love to read so much.

Q: What is the hardest part of waiting for a book from the end of your writing to when it is released?

A: While I'm waiting for a book to release, I have moved on to writing a new book. By the time the book releases, I'm possibly even two projects ahead. It's super satisfying to hear from and meet with readers, but sometimes it feels strange to talk about a book I finished a year ago.

Q: What do you hear from your readers?

A: Mostly, they all want to know about the Firelight movie ... When is it going to happen? Is it going to happen? Who is going to play Will/Jacinda/Cassian? My answer is that the movie is scheduled to begin production in 2013! Yay! And stay tuned for casting and director announcements...

Q: Who is your favorite character you have written or read about?

A: Right now, I'm writing the story of a girl who lives in an age where genetic testing is the norm, and in her senior year of high school she is informed that she has tested positive for HTS (Homicidal Tendency Syndrome). Basically, she's told she's a sociopath. Without having ever done anything wrong, everything is ripped away from her. In so many ways, this character was/is me. She leads a very privileged life with great friends/family/boyfriend until the moment she's labeled an HTS carrier. It's like I'm writing me my senior year of high school ... with an obvious exception -- I never tested positive for a kill gene. But it's been so fascinating to write a girl that's so much like the girl I was ... and to imagine what would happen and how I would react in a world where genetic profiling was the standard. (UNINVITED will release in early 2014.)

Thank you so much for your time Sophie! We look forward to seeing you at the Festival!

To learn more about Sophie, visit her website.

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